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The wheel of fortune is a kind of casino roulette

Today there are several types of roulettes. These are well-known European, French, American, roulette without zero and roulette with a track. Many have heard about them, in addition, it is worth mentioning card roulette and Boulle roulette . But there is another variety that not everyone knows about.

Such a roulette is called ” Wheel of Fortune “. This is the same roulette wheel, only slightly modified. The game table is divided into seven different betting sectors. The first sector is number one, the second is 2, the third is 5, the fourth is 10, the fifth is 20, the sixth is the Flag, and the seventh is the Joker.

Roulette subspecies – Wheel of Fortune

The wheel with highlighted numerical sectors, which contain designations of the winnings, the marking of the corresponding boxes, is located next to this Wheel of Fortune game table, closer to the dealer. The wheel itself along the contour has several protrusions so that during rotation these protrusions touch the latches located on the table , due to which braking occurs. The retainer also has a second purpose – indicating the winning sector when the wheel of Fortune stops.

Before the start of the game on the Wheel of Fortune roulette, players place bets on the boxes, then the croupier announces the termination of accepting bets and spins the wheel. By the way, bets are made with special cash tokens, which can be purchased at the casino cashier, or bought at the virtual casino cashier. After the wheel stops, the dealer announces the drawn number. The winning sectors when playing the Wheel of Fortune are those sectors whose denominations coincide with the drawn number.

Payment is made at a ratio of ten to one . All other sectors are considered losing. Bets placed on them go to the casino account.

Today the Wheel of Fortune as a type of roulette is widespread in many gambling houses in Europe and is almost as popular as roulette without zero . Our Wheel of Fortune is less widespread. Online casinos also very often include such roulette in the list of available games. As statistics show, it is more difficult to win at this roulette than at European or American.

The simplicity of the rules of the Wheel of Fortune game adds to its popularity and attracts players who are primarily trying to enjoy the game in the casino.

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